die ONLEIHE Leipziger Raum. Johnny Cash - Hits



Titelliste: 1. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven (re-recording); 2. Rock Island Line (re-recording); 3. Cold Cold Heart (re-recording); 4. Folsom Prison Blues (re-recording); 5. Hey Good Lookin' (re-recording); 6. I Love You Because (re-recording); 7. Just About Time (re-recording); 8. Straight As In Love (re-recording); 9. I Just Thought You'ld Like To Know (re-recording); 10. Goodbye Little Darling (re-recording); 11. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (re-recording); 12. Next In Line (re-recording); 13. Port Of Lonely Hearts (re-recording); 14. Sugartime (re-recording); 15. There You Go (re-recording); 16. Two Timin' Women (re-recording); 17. Big River (re-recording); 18. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (re-recording)